Why Editing is a Necessary Step of an Essay Writing Process

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After putting your thoughts on paper when drafting an essay, the next important step is to edit your work. This is an essential part of the essay writing process and it plays a major role in the effectiveness of your final document. 

When you edit an essay, you have to reread the whole document to check for issues, including paragraph structure, content, and organization. Along with proofreading, this is the final step to take before submitting an essay.

The essay writing process

For an essay to stand out, it needs effective planning, drafting, and editing. The writing process is not the same for everyone. Fortunately, there are some basic steps in the process that will help you write. These are:

  • Prewriting, which includes thinking of your topic, then narrowing down your options until you make a final decision.
  • Planning and creating an outline.
  • Writing your first draft.
  • Redrafting or revising as needed.

Then come the editing and proofreading processes. These focus on issues like sentence structure and clarity. 

The editing process

When you have completed a rough draft of your essay, the next step to editing your work. This is a continuous process, not something that you would do just once. Editing your work means checking it for errors, including punctuation, capitalization, formatting, and spelling. 

It is a good practice to edit your work often throughout the writing process. As a student tasked to write an essay, you should take the initiative to check your text for correct punctuation and capitalization as you write. 

This will hone your ability to find and fix other mistakes on your own. Some students even find it helpful to read their work out loud as they edit, as this makes it easier for them to identify any errors.

You shouldn't view editing as a negative process. It is a good thing as editing will help you create a polished written work that will make you and your teacher proud. To come up with excellent work, you must edit your essay at least 2 to 3 times before creating the final copy. Then edit it once again before submitting it.

Writing an essay is part of any college student's life. If you are currently enrolled in a University, whether online or face-to-face, you will have to write many essays as part of your coursework. Before you submit, you must check for plagiarism to ensure originality.

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Editing the language and sentence construction

When it comes to the language, the most important question to ask is whether you have used the most appropriate language possible when trying to convey your ideas. Remember that your readers (or teachers) will have an easier time understanding the message you're trying to express if you present it precisely and clearly.

One technique that will help your readers understand what they read is by making your sentences simpler. While editing, read the sentences. If you think that a sentence is too complicated, you can either rephrase it or break it down into two sentences. 

Also, remember that "clear" doesn't mean "boring" and that "complicated" isn't the same as "artistic." Choose your words wisely so that your reader will enjoy and understand your essay more effectively

Another thing to consider is the balance of your sentences in each paragraph. Make sure that your sentences aren't always of the same structure or length. They should not start the same way either. 

A good tip here is to vary your prose a bit or add some transitions between sentences and clauses that aren't connected to each other smoothly.

The importance of editing

Editing is an essential part of the writing process that you will also find this process in several Android apps for writing. Even modern developers of writing apps understand the importance of this process. 

You need to edit your work to check for any repetition and pinpoint any punctuation, vocabulary, or grammatical errors. Editing will also help you fix typos while polishing your work. It will make your essay clearer and easier to read too.

Although editing your essay can seem boring or tiresome, the final result will more than compensate for your efforts as you will create a written work that will impress your readers.

As for the substance of your essay, copy-editing will help you communicate your ideas better as you point them out in a clearer and more concise manner. This type of editing also helps in improve your writing skills and knowledge in an effective way. 

Writers often find editing to be very useful when dealing with their own work. But other people can perform this process too. Whichever way you opt for, all of your essays and written coursework should undergo some sort of editing.

Editing the writing style

Editing for style is more complex because as you edit, the practice will usually develop in you, which will then create your own unique writing style. You can use this to your advantage. 

Rather than thinking that you must write using a specific style, think about how to use passive and active words effectively. Often, when rewriting sentences, taking them from passive to active will make them easier to read.


Editing isn't the same as revising a written essay. Editing focuses on improving the content. When editing your work, you will look at how clearly you have written it. The primary goal is to ensure that your sentences are tightly written and can be easily understood.

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