What Is the Dean’s List and How to get on it?

What Is the Dean’s List and How to get on it?

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Dean’s list is a category of students in a college or university who are recognized for academic achievement during a semester by the college dean. It is most often found in universities of North America but is also used by universities in Australia and the Philippines and less commonly used in Europe and Asia. The dean’s list is a comparative award, awarded to students who obtain a higher percentage at several universities rather than everyone who earns a certain GPA. Several students earn high grades during a particular competitive semester but GPA you need to qualify for the award may be the maximum. The dean’s list gets released each semester after final grades have been posted. In this review article, we discussed how to make Dean’s list, benefits from being on Dean’s list, and other academic awards excluding Dean’s list in more detail.

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1How to make the Dean’s list?
2Tips for making the Dean’s list
3Why get on the Dean’s list?
4What other academic awards can you achieve in college?


1.)  How to make the Dean’s list?

The Dean’s list requirements may vary from institution to institution and to be eligible, students are generally required to -

  • have completed a certain number of credit hours or course loads.
  • have a GPA of 4.5 out of 5.0 or 3.6 out of 4.0
  • be in the top 1-5% among their class.

2.) Tips for making the Dean’s list

a. Attend all classes - when the Dean’s list is prepared, at that time your class attendance and your participation in the class are also included in the calculation of final grades. So, you just need to attend all classes each and every day.

b. Find a quiet place to study - dorms can be the worst place for the study if you live on a college campus. You need to find a calm environment in your school library or at your parent’s house wherever you can study well without distraction.

c. Limit social interactions - when your friends went out for a party, you may need to stay behind and study hard to meet your academic goals. However, it is significant to recharge your batteries! But sometimes you need to take some break from study and interact with your peers. You can study more easily when you are refreshed fully and grab more information you will retain.

d. Implement review of 15 minutes - spend 15 minutes before class reviewing material from the previous session. Highlight or Underline any material that you don’t understand. And note down questions in your notebook that you might have to ask your professor for clarification. It is also a brilliant idea to implement a 15-minute review each evening for each class in which you are enrolled.

e. Be organized - Keep a detailed calendar of assignments and develop an organizational system for coursework. The syllabus of college will generally outline the entire semester’s schedule including due dates for exams and assignments. Save these important dates into a traditional calendar or your smartphone so you can plan accordingly for upcoming assignments.

3.) Why get on the Dean’s list?

Some of the important benefits from being on the Dean’s list are mentioned below

a. Personal Achievement

The most important reason being on the Dean’s list is a great personal achievement. The Dean’s list is not awarded based on absolute GPA scores. It is awarded based on comparative performance with anyone else in the faculty member. This means if all your peers are top scorers then you have to score maximum to qualify for the Dean’s list.

b. Prestige and Recognition

Having your name on the Dean’s list of university websites will automatically add your value in front of the board, faculty and staff may recognize you as a good student. This could also potentially assist you can building relationships with professors, assistant professors, head of the department, and getting letters of recommendation and references later in life.

c. Increasing your employability factor

While you are still an undergraduate student but being on the Dean’s list can get you invitations to exclusive networking and recruitment events.

d. The Record (& the Resume)

Being on the Dean’s list also provides you with a few bragging rights. You can note your achievement on your resume, Linkedin profile, and even scholarship applications.

e. Invitation to special events

You’ll be invited to special events if you are on the Dean’s list. The most common being networking events with companies’ executives are usually top companies - the ones you may want to join. Moreover, there are also international case competitions where participation is usually on an invitation basis.

f. Being on the Dean’s office radar

Staff in the Dean’s office and university career office tends to know you when you are on the Dean’s list. In the faculty, there are hundreds of students but only a few handfuls are on the Dean’s list. When you want to know about the office inside what’s going on, information on upcoming events or just to have someone to talk about university matters.

g. Exclusive access to top employers

The top companies often hold recruitment events at the university campuses. It offers recruitment seminars for the student cohorts and also offers exclusive networking sessions for selected students. The HR of the top reputed companies requests the Dean’s Office to invite students that have a minimum GPA of X.XX. Examples are Procter & Gamble, investment banks, McKinsey, and consulting firms.

4  What other academic awards can you achieve in college?

The dean’s list isn’t the only award students of colleges can win for academic performance. There are other common awards that universally distinguish academic excellence include the honors list, the president’s list, and the chancellor’s list. The qualifications and availability of these awards for making each list will vary by university.

a. The Honors List - similar to the dean’s list but with a lower GPA qualification. For example, students with GPAs between 3.7 and 4.0 spot on the dean’s list whereas students with GPAs between 3.3 and 3.6 would make the honors list.

b. The President’s List - awarded to undergraduate students who achieve a 4.0 GPA. Part-time students are eligible for the president’s list, unlike the dean’s list. The award is issued each semester.

c. The Chancellor’s List - is less common but at universities that have this award, it will rank higher than that of the dean’s list. The chancellor's list award will provide to students who achieve a 3.8 or higher score, while students who achieve a 3.5 or a higher score may get on the dean's list.

To summarize the above work, we can conclude that Dean’s list is based on students' GPAs once your final grades for the term have been submitted, and being on the Dean’s list you have some benefits at universities as well as the institution mentioned above. Rather than Dean’s list, there are other common awards also awarded to students or their academic performance.

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