The Most Frequently Used Features of Soda PDF You Should Know

By: Answerout

Are you looking for the most compatible file format on the web? If yes, you’ve come to the right point. If you have already been looking for a suitable document format that can easily be opened on any platform, you must have heard about Soda PDF. For your information, this file format is one of the most commonly used by all businesses out there. In this feature, we will walk you through the most frequently used features of soda PDF. Make sure to soft through this text till the end:


If you want to catch any unwanted typos in your writing, understanding the spell checker will help you do it. Especially If you have to rest assured about the document having zero typos, the spell checker will prove to be the best feature. Soda PDF will quickly curate your document for any errors and help you remove them. Furthermore, it will also provide you with the correct spelling of each of the words. No wonder sifting through a large document to check for typos can be time-consuming, but soda PDF will take care of this work too.

Format Painter

No wonder one of the most time-saving features is that of the format painter. Through this tool, you can check out the current formatting of your text in the document. If you learn how to make the most out of this formatting tool in the PDF document, it will make it easier for you to curate the documents quickly. Through the format painter, you can rest assured that the document is being edited correctly.


Because going through an entire document is time-consuming, you can use a bookmark to get rid of this problem. With an electronic bookmark, you can easily browse whatever file you want. Because each of the files has a topic, you will search for it, and it will quickly appear on the top of the list. For your information, every bookmark can easily be programmed into the pages that you are reading. Make sure to understand how bookmarks work in the soda PDF, so you can quickly mark the important files.


With soda PDF, you are allowed a variety of forms and buttons in your very own documents. With this tool, you can quickly add checkboxes and even the radio buttons for best results. This will eventually make the document more interactive and easy to use. You also get to create an interesting checklist and customizable buttons. Through this feature, you can select from a list of pre-set options. The options are infinite, so you can rest assured about coming across all of them.


For anyone out there, this Is a very millennial option. No wonder, collection of legally binding signatures is now easier than ever. Through soda PDF, you are allowed to choose documents and also the signers who have to confirm certain documents. This means, now all of your documents will virtually be signed without the need for getting them printed first.

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