The best free passive voice checkers

When you are writing in the English language you must always take care of the Grammar part because it can make or break your writing. There are things that a writer must keep in mind while writing their work because grammar plays a very important part. We can say that the better your grammar the polished your writing will come out!

So, as a human, we tend to make mistakes and that is very common in writing but it should be avoided as much as possible and for that, we have got a lot of tools that can help us detect our grammatical mistakes digitally. But as a writer, it is recommended to learn how to detect grammatical errors in your own writing without any help from such tools, that makes you an independent writer and it saves you from the uncertainty and anxiety that you feel if you don’t make your text go through a grammar check.

But it does take time to learn and become experienced as a writer. So, when you are new to writing or learning you can always rely on grammar checking tools. In this article, we will completely focus upon The best free passive voice checkers because sentences play a very important role in writing. And correct sentence structure matters a lot. Readers not only understand what you want to convey but they also decide if you are their favorite writer or not based on your writing.

The best free passive voice checker

Using a lot of passive voice in your text makes your writing kind of weak as your subject usually is a thing rather than a person that a reader can relate to, there are different reasons due to which it is considered a bad habit. Instead, using active voice helps the reader to easily read the text and understand it much better. Have a look at the list provided below, it contains the best passive voice checker that you can use for free or if you want you can even purchase. Also, if you want to visit the site itself then the links are provided in the titles, you can simply click on it and explore the tools yourself!

  • GrammarCheck – Now this passive voice checker is completely free and you can take full advantage of the tool. All you need is a good internet connection and your text. Open the website with the link provided and all you have to do is just copy and paste your text and be ready to learn and correct your mistakes easily with no headache at all!
  • Grammar Lookup – This is another free passive voice checker that you can use for free online. Again you need to just copy and paste your written text and appy the corrections. It not only focuses on the passive voice senteces but it also underlines the grammar, punctuation, spellings, etc. A lot of writers and students are very thankful for such softwares that are such big help and that too for free!
  • ProWritingAid – This grammar checker can be used for free or it can be purchased too. When you click on the link and go to the website you even get the option to add this grammar checker toyour chrome browser that makes things way more easy-peasy! This also helps you in understanding your own writing in detail as well as the mistakes you make unclonciously and help you to learn for better.
  • Hemingway App – This grammar checker is the one that highlights the erroes in the text and makes it look quite colourful. Well, when it detect the passive voice sentence in your text it will highlight it in green color. Once you get fimiliar with the colour codes, it becomes easy for you to register your own mistakes and remeber not to repeat it.
  • – Grammarly is very popular amongst the free grammar checker tools. You can copy and paste your text and check it online if you want. It also have a premium version that you can buy. Also, if you want you can add it as an extention to your chrome browser.

These are the best free passive voice checker that you can use while writing or once you finish writing and want to check your text to make sure it is free of grammatical mistakes. That way, as a writer, you are doing your duty to the best and this also shows that you care not only for your work but also you care for your readers. So, always try and make sure to make your writing as clear as you can and keep learning.

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