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Can someone help me on question 1?

Can someone help me on question 1?

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In question 1, both of your answers are correct, but I don't understand the process you went through in the 'a' part.

R = v/I . That's a correct formula.
But it doesn't help you in this form, because you need to find I
So turn it into a helpful form ... Solve it for I, so it says I=something.

R= v/I

Multiply each side by I : R I = V.

Now divide each side by R: I= V/R .
THERE'S the equation you want.

I = V / R

I = 1.5 / 10 = 0.15 Amp.

That's slightly cleaner, although I don't really understand what you were actually thinking in that part.

But again ... You answered both parts correctly, and your process in b is fine.

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