Our Best 7 Study Tips for the GMAT Exam

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One of the most important things you will need to enter a business school is studying for the Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT). According to some data providers, around 200,000 take the GMAT exam once a year. Only 6% of the score is more than 720, and you can understand how hard this exam is and how essential it is to study and master it. 

Studying for such an important and difficult exam is not easy. While studying, you may also face some distractions, and it's your adolescent's age. Scoring badly after not studying with your 100% feels bad. There are many tips you can use in order to achieve well in GMAT exams. Online technology and the experience of professions have advanced so much that you can learn many things that you may have never heard of. 

Here are some tips that you can use to utilize your time to the fullest and boost your score.

1) Create a study plan and timetable

All these subjects are hard until you know what you are doing. By creating a perfect study plan and timetable, you can face any obstacle in your way. While giving time to your hobbies, you may notice that you have already wasted half of your day.

Creating a timetable is essential for a student who is studying for an exam. As you may already know, it requires only three months for you to study for a GMAT to score good. It won't happen in just a few hours. A proper timetable helps a person concentrate on hoping to achieve a good score in the GMAT exam.

2) Online studying 

Now we are talking about the best ways to boost your score in the GMAT exam. One of the best ways to score excellently in the GMAT is TutorOcean. With the help of this platform, you can find your best GMAT tutor online, which will help you solve all your queries and boost your knowledge and confidence to score well. Whether analytical writing, reasoning, quantitative or verbal, TutorOcean's tutors have your back all the way through.

After visiting the website, you can choose the best tutor who matches your preferences and whom you think you will be comfortable with. 

Some of the best features of this platform are -

  • Live chat: You can communicate face to face with the tutors in the online class and get extreme attention. Also, you can learn more from their experiences and words than a normal asynchronous video.
  • Experience real-time: While studying in the online class, students can come up and work with some of their own unique ways of thinking or solving problems with the help of the interactive whiteboard. They can ask the tutor to help them with points in which they are having problems. This way, the tutor and the student can work together.
  • World-wide learning: With TutorOcean, students can connect with the best and most experienced tutors and learn more about course options. Some may not even be available in their location.
  • Record sessions: Students can record the session. To ensure that you will not forget everything you have learned today. You can use the recorded video, and it will work amazingly for quick revisions of your lessons.

3) Work on your weaknesses

A blacksmith makes a sword after hitting it until it becomes sharp enough to cut through its objective. In the same way, a person has to keep practicing and identify their weaknesses to work on them. This way, they won't face any problems on the day of their test. 

Keep learning from your mistakes makes you stronger than ever. Start doing group studies and letting others also identify your weaknesses is a good example. With lots of practice and hard work, scoring more than 700 can be a reality.

4) Know all the important sections and work on them more

No matter what exam of what subject it is, after reading the entire portion, you can predict some parts that you feel are important and will definitely be on the tests. As you already know GMAT exam has four main sections, that are -

  • Analytical writing assessment: This calculates the ability to think sharper and communicate your ideas with ease.
  • Integrated reasoning: This calculates your ability to analyze the data and gather the information presented in different formats.
  • Quantitative reasoning: This measures your ability to solve and reason mathematically, graphically, and in many more formats.
  • Verbal reason: This presents your verbal skills like reading kills and if you can state your point verbally.

5) Don't get stuck in a difficult part

One of the most important things in the GMAT exam is not to answer the questions correctly but to attempt the most you can. If you are stuck on a difficult question, make a likely guess. Try not to spend more than two and a half minutes on each question. Not panicking in these situations is the key to success.

6) Process of elimination

In hard situations, you can be as fast as you can and underline the wrong answer. This way, you can reach the correct answer more quickly. To be even more secure, you can create a guessing strategy before the paper. This will help you feel much relaxed.

7) Create a time pattern 

It's better to attempt more questions than missing some. By creating a pattern that will keep reminding you of the time you have to spend on each question, you can solve most of the questions in the exam. Example: If there are 100 questions and you have 2 hours (120mins), you can try to solve each question in under 1.2 minutes.


Preparing for exams is something you all have to do every day, whether by studying online or taking tuition, you have to give your all. It's not impossible to score more than 700 or 720. With hard work and dedication, you can achieve it all.

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