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1 – When troubleshooting issues, you notice a high search visibility but very low traffic for a set of content. Where should you focus your efforts?

(A) Investigate rankings

(B) Optimize title & meta descriptions

(C) Investigate link metrics

(D) Analyze goal conversions

2 – True or False: Ranking highly guarantees a high click-through rate.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – When are crawler warnings a major issue that you’ll need to address?

(A) Always

(B) Never


(C) When you’re blocking the crawler on accident

(D) When you’re blocking the crawler on purpose

4 – If you notice that hundreds – or thousands – of pages are affected by one issue, what should you do?

(A) There may be an underlying issue in the CMS that can be solved with one fix

(B) You should resolve the issue on each URL, starting with the URLs with the highest Page Authority

(C) This issue is not resolvable, as it has already affected too many URLs and your rankings

(D) None of the above

5 – Why would you want to identify page issues in real time?

(A) To compare your page title to a competitor’s page title

(B) To check the meta description of a page you manage

(C) To check the H1 and H2 tags of a ranking page

(D) All of the above

(E) None of the above

6 – What is website architecture?

(A) The backlinks to a domain

(B) The attributes of a group of URLs

(C) The structure and design of a website’s URLs

(D) The list of keywords and their page rank

7 – How large should an image on your website be?

(A) As large as possible to enhance user experience

(B) Size doesn’t matter as much as relevance

(C) As small as possible without sacrificing quality

(D) None of the above

8 – Which two goals can an effective page title tag impact?

(A) Rank & Visit

(B) Click & Visit

(C) Rank & Share

(D) Rank & Click

9 – True or False: Meta descriptions should consider the sales funnel phase of the audience.

(A) True

(B) False

10 – True or False: You can optimize a page for more than one keyword by using H1 tags.

(A) True

(B) False

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