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1 – Which statement about Search Visibility is most correct?

(A) Search Visibility measures the actual percent of traffic that visits your site from search pages

(B) Search Visibility cannot be estimated for branded search queries

(C) Search Visibility measures the quantity of links to your website

(D) Search Visibility measures the estimated average click through rate for a set of keywords based on their rank positions

2 – Approximately what percentage of clicks does the first ranked position for a non-branded search term receive?

(A) 20% – 40%

(B) 40% – 60%

(C) 60% – 80%

(D) 80% – 100%

3 – True or False: Hummingbird tries to understand real-world entities and their relationship with one another.

(A) True

(B) False

4 – Which of the following is the most correct statement about the Difficulty Score metric in Keyword Explorer?

(A) A high Difficulty Score means there is less competition

(B) A low Difficulty Score means there is less competition

(C) A Low Difficulty Score is generally harder to rank for

(D) A high Difficulty Score means there are not many high Domain Authority pages ranking for the associated keyword

5 – True or False: The Difficulty Score in Keyword Explorer is a 1-100 scale.

(A) True

(B) False

6 – Which of the following features of Keyword Explorer will allow you to find question-format ideas for your target keyword?

(A) SERP Analysis

(B) Keyword Overview

(C) Keyword Suggestions

(D) Keyword Lists

7 – True or False: Questions are often too long and specific to target as keywords.

(A) True

(B) False

8 – After collecting hundreds of relevant keywords in a CSV, what is your next step?

(A) Upload CSV to a keyword tool that provides metrics

(B) Sort by keyword relevance

(C) Look for keywords that you think might be high volume

(D) None of the above

9 – These results are filtered by a label. What is the name of the label?

(A) Rankings

(B) Engines

(C) Camping

(D) Tracked

10 – How many keywords in this campaign have been labeled as “camping”?

(A) 34

(B) 1.74

(C) 196

(D) 15

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