Is buying essays online safe for students?

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Writing essays is a critical skill for any college student in the UK, USA, and many other countries. It helps develop their writing ability, knowledge of English and deepens their understanding of the specific discipline. However, this process is not easy for everyone, and sometimes students struggle with their assignments, unable to develop a proper and informative paper.

Often this issue leads to them turning to online writing services. However, at the same time, many wonder if this decision is reasonable? After all, purchasing a paper from the internet might turn out to be a risky endeavor. Hence, not everyone dares to use all the benefits of cooperating with companies specializing in academic assistance. Let’s consider the main pitfalls that may await a student who wants to buy a paper and how to avoid them by choosing a decent writing service.

The main reasons for buying essays online

So why do people want to purchase their paper online if it might involve risks and issues? A surprising amount of successful students use academic assistance to improve their knowledge and obtain valuable skills for their future academic work and career. Their motivations can vary, but we collected the most prominent ones in the following list.

  • Lack of time

Work, personal life and family can take a lot of time which otherwise would be spent on studies. Such an issue inevitably reflects on one’s academic performance and grades. However, an excellent custom paper purchased from an academic writing service AdvancedWriters, or a similar company, allows students to complete their assignments much quicker and easier - all you need is to buy essays online from experts.

  • Inexperience

Novice students might simply lack the necessary skills for developing a perfect paper from scratch or are insecure about their abilities, and transition to strict standards of college assignments might become a tricky process for them. Hence, using a high-quality example that demonstrates a proper way to analyze, structure, and format the content is the most efficient way to develop their professional qualities.

  • Strive to submit only superb essays

Even experienced students often are afraid of missing grammar mistakes or inappropriately formatting their essays. By using academic support services, they can ask a professional to review their paper and correct any issues.

Primary concerns of students who purchase papers

However, many students who contemplate paying for their essays worry about a plethora of risks that might await them if they aren’t careful. Let’s review the most prominent concerns linked to purchasing a personalized paper online.

  • Financial issues

Anyone wants their paper to be cheap but informative, but the price of an essay is determined by various factors, including the task’s size, complexity, and discipline. Hence, for students who are new to this practice, determining the right amount of money to pay for a paper might be challenging, and they can easily buy an overpriced assignment.

  • Confidentiality problem

The safety of personal information is an utmost concern for any student who makes a purchase online. If an unreliable company compromises your data, you might become a target for scamming or identity theft attempts.

  • Quality of the paper

The last but not least concern is whether the writer is an expert who will complete thorough research and create perfectly formatted original content that fully corresponds to your instructions. After all, you will develop your skills and improve your grades by using only top-quality examples and reading appropriately written papers.

How to ensure that the service of your choice is reliable

So what to do to avoid becoming a victim of an unreliable company and obtain all the benefits of academic writing services? We developed the most efficient tips to minimize associated risks, which will help you receive the best possible experience while buying a custom essay. 

  • Thoroughly check the reviews and ratings

The opinions of any previous customer of the service provide you with a plethora of information about its benefits and disadvantages and how well it suits your purposes. Read them on an independent website and consider both positive and negative reviews.

  • Look at the examples of papers on the website

Many services provide samples of their works on their websites, which allow evaluating the offered quality of content. Don’t lose this opportunity and check them to ensure that this company’s writers will be suitable for you.

  • Read the rules of your cooperation

Don’t forget to check the rules and guarantees offered by your chosen website. A reliable company will provide you with detailed information about their services without trying to conceal anything. Moreover, consider if it offers revision or refund if the order turns out to be low-quality and if it guarantees confidentiality for their clients.

  • Use help of the support department

The existence of support services is a good indicator of the company that cares about the convenience of its customers and strives to offer them quality services. If you don’t understand something or want to know more details about particular functions, don’t hesitate to contact the manager to discuss your questions.

  • Check the quality of the website

This factor doesn’t seem so important, but in fact, the amount of work and funds put into the website demonstrates the company’s dedication to its work and desire to stay in the market for a long time. Hence, the inconvenient and sloppily put-together web page might indicate that the provider doesn’t care much about the quality of their other services.


Many students who struggle with their academic work contemplate using outside help to write interesting and informative essays. However, not any service among the variety offered by the internet can be trusted to provide you with quality content for a reasonable price and protect your personal information in the process.

Hence, use the experience of previous customers and check their reviews for the service to avoid trouble. Furthermore, thoroughly read the rules and guarantees offered by the company, clarifying any confusing aspect with managers. You might also check the free samples of essays on the company’s page and consider the quality of the website itself—after all, that’s also an indicator of how much the company cares for its clients.

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