Important elements of stunning Animated Explainer Videos

Important elements of stunning Animated Explainer Videos

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Well! If you landed on this article, you might be either planning to create an animated video for your business or looking forward to knowing more about it. Whatever the reason may be, having an excellent explainer video is all that every business needs. 
According to the search, it is found that videos help marketers to retain visitors on your site for longer. Explainer videos are the ones that are specially designed just to explain complex concepts in a much simpler and entertaining way. That's why almost every business is focusing on the quality of videos they produce.

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Well! Explainer videos are the combination of various elements that complement each other and help in getting the final output that is both enticing and productive at the same time. If you maintain a proper balance among all these elements, then you easily bring more revenue through the videos.

Now the question arises what are these elements? So, without any further discussion, let's jump into the five most essential elements of explainer videos. 

5 Essential elements of Explainer videos 

Let's begin…  


The script is one of the most crucial elements of an explainer video that can either make or break your entire concept. If your script is written in the story format and includes some real-time examples, it will help you make your video more powerful and streamlined. 

No matter how engaging your videos are, if your script is not upto the mark, you might not get the desired results as expected. Thus, try to make your script both simple and direct. Because the more people understand your thoughts easily, the better you get attention. So, make sure you have a good hold on the scriptwriting process. 


Voiceover is another element that can help you to get professional videos that can make you stand out from the crowd. The primary objective behind creating explainer videos for your business is to make your product/service sell. If the voiceover in your explainer videos does not sound professional, you probably might not attract visitors to your video. 

If you are not confident enough to use your own voice, then you can also hire a professional voice artist. The right voice has the power to connect with your audience emotionally, as a professional voice will help you in humanizing your brand and product and will get excited to purchase your products. 

Thus, don't be too confident while choosing the right voice. Spend some time, analyze your content, and leverage the best human voiceover for your explainer video.


Another essential element of an animated explainer video is animation. Explainer video without animation is incomplete. And when it comes to animation, then there are different forms of animation that you can choose to get your videos successfully completed. It includes 2D character animation, kinetic typography, whiteboard animations, motion graphics, etc. 

Whenever you plan to create an explainer video, you need to decide the style of videos in which you want to represent your context. All thanks to softwares and video production companies, making the animation process much simpler. 

If you want your animated video to be powerful, then I would recommend you to spend a good amount of budget on animating the characters. Say if your animation is done professionally, then you can easily achieve good results. 


A storyboard is basically the visualization of your entire script. Your entire video revolves around the storyboard. Once you know how to turn words into images, then you can easily resonate and work around the storyboard. 

It is the first step that will help you to tell a story among the audience. Indeed, it might take a good amount of time to create the storyboard, but if it is created effectively, then it will surely help you draw a good amount of traffic to your video. 

So, if you don't want to waste time and get an appealing video, then don't miss the step of creating a storyboard for explainer videos because it will help you better understand how your video will look like. 

Sound and timings 

Last but not the least element to which many of us do not pay attention is sounds and timing. Usually, we ignore the background music while creating an animated video, but actually, it's one element that can take your video one level up. 

You can get various tutorials on Youtube if you don't have good experience in adding sounds to your video. Besides focusing on the background music, the timing of an explainer video also matters a lot. 

According to the research, it is found that viewers make their mind whether they should stay on the video or not just within the first 30 seconds of your video. So, if you want your video to hold the viewer's attention until the end, you need to work on starting your video. Pay some attention to the timings of your video. 

The Final Say 

Every component of the video plays an important role in making it a success. If you miss a single element, then it will directly affect the quality of your entire content. Depending on your budget, you can prioritize each element and further decide which factors need to be considered more. Hopefully, the above information will help you in making this decision. 

Thus, plan ahead before you proceed with the creation of animated explainer videos. It will help you in getting things more streamlined without breaking the clutter. 

Still, if you have any doubt about creating videos, feel free to share in the comments below.a

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