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Lesson 2 Quiz Answers

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1 – Why is social media an important part of inbound marketing?

(A) Social media helps you reach millions of people in distant countries.

(B) Users have the best customer service experiences in social media.

(C) Social media is a one-to-one medium you can use to market in a direct, human way.

(D) Social media has better advertising options than traditional media.

2 – When you dig deeper into the development of your buyer persona, what type of information do you want to consider?

(A) Psychographics

(B) Return on investment

(C) Advertising results

(D) Word of mouth

3 – What is a vanity metric?

(A) A metric that shows the sentiment of your brand in social

(B) A key performance indicator (KPI) that shows you how popular your company is

(C) A surface-level metric that doesn’t correlate with your business success

4 – True or false? Follower count is often considered to be a vanity metric.

(A) True

(B) False

5 – Which KPI will executives be more responsive to?

(A) Reach

(B) Retention and loyalty

(C) Engagement

(D) Return on investment (ROI)

6 – Why should you start planning the structure of your team by looking at business goals?

(A) To help you determine what channels and content you’ll need and the staffing to make it happen.

(B) To know if advertising is a priority so you can allocate enough funds.

(C) To satisfy company stakeholders.

(D) To understand if roadblocks such as lack of time and lack of people are obstacles that you’ll need to overcome.

7 – Which of the following steps is NOT one you need to think about when planning how to structure your social team?

(A) Plan your business and social goals one to three years out.

(B) Consider your stakeholders’ needs.

(C) Allocate or advocate for resources.

(D) Gather industry data to support your goal.

8 – True or false? You should develop your social media budget before you create your social media plan.

(A) True

(B) False

9 – What did Simon Sinek recommend you do to get people to buy in to your products or ideas?

(A) Be clear about all the features so that the customer is not confused.

(B) Outline all the steps you’re planning on taking to make sure that the product/project meets the customer’s needs.

(C) Explain to the customer why they need what you’re selling.

(D) Tell them how your product/project has worked for other types of people or companies.

Lesson 3 Quiz Answers

1 – Social media listening can help ______.

(A) your marketing research team only

(B) your sales team find opportunities

(C) your product team learn from feedback

(D) the people in all parts of your organization do their jobs better

2 – Before you post anything on social media, you should have a clear understanding of your _______.

(A) buyer persona

(B) advertising budget

(C) team dynamic

(D) promotion schedule

3 – Which of the below statements about social listening is true?

(A) It gives you the opportunity to measure the performance of your social media.

(B) It can ruin your reputation.

(C) It can help you monetize your services.

(D) It can help you filter messages so your customer service staff doesn’t have to deal with them directly.

4 – Why would you want to identify who your brand superfans are and reward them?

(A) You can measure the results from social marketing campaigns when influencers participate.

(B) People are more likely to purchase a product if a friend or someone they admire mentions it in social media.

(C) You can learn a lot about how influencers work with your competition.

(D) It will help you know what content performs best on a social network.

5 – True or false? When starting out, make sure you are engaging with customers on every single social media channel.

(A) True

(B) False

6 – To be a part of the social conversation, you don’t necessarily have to be the subject of it.

(A) True

(B) False

7 – The following are all ways that social media monitoring can benefit your business, except:

(A) Supporting existing customers by answering questions about your product or service

(B) Listening and centralizing social conversations about an ongoing marketing campaign

(C) Measuring the performance of your latest email marketing campaign

(D) informing your recruiting efforts to help align job descriptions with candidate expectations

8 – Inbound is all about being ________-centric, not competitor-centric.

(A) employee

(B) shareholder

(C) customer

(D) brand

9 – When monitoring your competitors, take note of their wins, losses, reputation, differentiations, marketing tactics, relationships, alliances, and even their brand voice. These characteristics, and how they change over time, can be used to inform your _______.

(A) your content strategy

(B) your product roadmap

(C) your service offering

(D) all of these things

10 – What should you do if your competitor experiences a big, public blunder?

(A) Release the hounds! Your sales reps will love this opportunity.

(B) Be empathetic and helpful towards your competitor’s customers.

(C) Take the opportunity to share with your customers how this would never happen to you, or to your customers.

(D) Do nothing. Eye on the prize!

Lesson 4 Quiz Answers

1 – Why are animated GIFs useful on social media?

(A) They can help you capture special metrics.

(B) They can help you demonstrate complex concepts quickly.

(C) They disappear after an hour so that no one will see them again.

(D) People would rather see an animated GIF about a product than watch a video.

2 – True or false? One in four consumers lose interest in a company if it doesn’t use video on its social media channels.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – Let’s say you conduct an audit of your existing social media content and find that on Twitter, posts with statistics get by far the most likes and retweets. What’s the BEST way for you to use this knowledge to inform your future social content plan?

(A) Plan to scale back on your statistics posts on Twitter to make room for other posts that might perform better.

(B) Plan to publish the same number of statistics posts on Twitter each week as you are already, but remove other post types since they clearly aren’t performing as well.

(C) Plan to dramatically increase the number of statistics posts on Twitter so that statistics posts comprise at least 80% of the feed.

(D) Plan to experiment with publishing more statistics to Twitter and perhaps investing time in doing more original research you can pull stats from and publish to Twitter and other channels.

4 – In social media content, “tone” refers to:

(A) The distinct and steady personality or style of your brand.

(B) The written style of your social media posts, including capitalization and punctuation.

(C) The color and shading of your social media images.

(D) The moods and attitudes of specific content pieces, which can change depending on the channel, the situation, and the audience.

5 – How are voice and tone related?

(A) Voice and tone mean the same thing.

(B) Voice is a subset of tone.

(C) Tone is a subset of voice.

(D) Voice and tone are unrelated.

6 – Your team is creating a social campaign for an upcoming product launch. Someone designs a great image for this social campaign that does a fantastic job of showcasing the product. How can your team optimize this image for the campaign?

(A) Publish the same exact image to every social platform.

(B) Create multiple versions of the same image that comply with each social channel’s ideal image dimensions.

7 – Language like ____________ can help improve your clickthrough and conversion rates on social media because language makes the call-to-action seem more time sensitive, which can encourage instant action.

(A) “Shop Now” or “Download Now”

(B) “Learn More” or “Get More Info”

(C) “Get Yours Free” or “Free Offer”

(D) “Today Only” or “Ends at Midnight”

8 – What does “content curation” mean?

(A) Gathering content creators to create content for your brand

(B) Gathering content that’s relevant to a particular topic or area of interest and then sharing it with your audience with proper citations

(C) Gathering content that others have created and passing it off as your own

9 – Why should you include content curation in your social strategy?

(A) It saves time and money.

(B) It builds industry connections.

(C) It helps you post a larger variety of content.

(D) All of the above

Lesson 5 Quiz Answers

1 – What’s a reason why working with influencers and encouraging user-generated content is important?

(A) Changing algorithms on the social platforms

(B) People trust recommendations from individuals over brands

(C) General Data Protection Rules (GDPR) on privacy limit brand exposure

(D) All of the above

2 – True or false? Influencer marketing and user-generated content will help you bypass some social media platform rules to help you reach your audience.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – True or false? Working with journalists and media personalities is just like working with other influencers.

(A) True

(B) False

4 – True or false? It’s possible to pay some influencers with a gift card.

(A) True

(B) False

5 – What’s one reason why brands may fear encouraging user-generated content?

(A) UGC helps other users connect, which then builds a stronger community.

(B) UGC can end up costing the company a lot of money.

(C) UGC comes directly from users, and content creation is out of the brand’s control.

(D) UGC creates a competitive advantage that’s inherently difficult to replicate.

Lesson 6 Quiz Answers

1 – True or false? People want to talk to people, not brands.

(A) True

(B) False

2 – True or false? Responding to your audience directly can negatively impact your reputation.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – True or false? Engaging with a customer one-to-one can help a business amplify their reach.

(A) True

(B) False

4 – Which of these tactics will help you foster more general social engagement?

(A) Being funny

(B) Asking for reviews

(C) Tagging individuals in social posts

(D) Starting a Facebook group

(E) Using emojis

(F) All of the above

5 – True or false? Companies delivering customer service see an annual financial gain of 7.5%.

(A) True

(B) False

6 – Why is developing community guidelines or “house rules” important?

(A) To control your audience

(B) To stop others from being a voice of your brand

(C) To let your community know how you’ll interact and keep civility within your channels

(D) To convince community users of the importance of engaging with the brand via social media

7 – True or false? Social selling is not an inbound way to conduct business.

(A) True

(B) False

8 – True or false? Buyer personas are primarily used for developing marketing campaigns.

(A) True

(B) False

Lesson 7 Quiz Answers

1 – Fill in the blank: _____ ads are designed to collect information like name and email address.

(A) Lead

(B) Image

(C) Story

(D) Message

2 – Fill in the blank: A lookalike audience is made up of people who ______________.

(A) follow you on social media.

(B) have visited your website.

(C) have liked your posts.

(D) share the characteristics of your existing audience.

3 – Which of the following social media advertising best practices will help you create social media ads designed to drive high engagement?

(A) Limiting your lead generation forms to only the most essential fields.

(B) Experimenting with different types of ad content, like videos or GIFs.

(C) Creating a landing page that’s aligned with the messaging and style of your ad.

(D) Using language that your target audience uses.

Lesson 8 Quiz Answers

1 – True or false? 42% of B2B marketers believe they’ve proved that social media has an impact on their business.

(A) True

(B) False

2 – A social media audit will provide you value in all of the following areas EXCEPT:

(A) You can determine the best mix of content on the right channels at the right times.

(B) You can identify opportunities to better engage with customers.

(C) You can adjust budgets and calculate ROI.

(D) You can negotiate rates with a social advertising vendor.

3 – True or false? Competitor benchmarking is one leading indicator of revenue success.

(A) True

(B) False

4 – The most important thing to keep in mind when measuring social ROI is:

(A) How much you’re paying using ads to achieve social media results

(B) Accurate tracking of all agency and freelance costs

(C) Understanding the lifetime value of your social posts

(D) Evangelizing your findings throughout the organization

(E) Using the same metric that you use for other channels

5 – True or false? Recruiters aren’t going to be interested in your social media efforts, so there’s no need to track metrics related to hiring in social media.

(A) True

(B) False

Lesson 9 Quiz Answers

1 – What is an employee advocacy program?

(A) A social media program for only senior management professionals to take advantage of

(B) A social media program for all employees to take advantage of

(C) A social media program for only the employees responsible for social media to use

2 – True or false? A crisis plan focuses on what to do when a crisis happens on social media.

(A) True

(B) False

3 – There are certain actions that need to be taken into consideration for a social media crisis. What’s an action you should avoid?

(A) Pausing marketing emails

(B) Sending out promotional sponsored posts and tweets during a crisis

(C) Assessing the planned blogging and campaign schedule for appropriateness

(D) Creating a blog post to address the situation as needed

4 – Fill in the blank: In the _________ stage, a social media manager needs to be able to react quickly, compassionately, and with authority. They also have to integrate social media messages to the appropriate medium and audience.

(A) reparation

(B) response

(C) recovery

5 – Why is employee advocacy important to consider as a key area for organizations and brands?

(A) Employees are influencers in the field of social media.

(B) Employees are the deciders of what is important for the company, not senior management.

(C) Employees are micro influencers in the arena of internal communication.

(D) Employees embody company culture and values, so are more trusted than official spokespeople.

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