How to Become an Online Tutor in 2021? (A Step-by-Step Guide)

By: Answerout

A few years ago we couldn’t imagine how much we were going to use the internet. Lately it has developed so much that it has provided us with various alternatives to make our lives easier. Every area of life finds its own reflection even in cyberspace, teaching as well. It’s needless to say that while the world has dealt and is still dealing with the pandemic, all of us had to adapt to use the internet more than ever. As a result, several educational platforms have emerged for both students and teachers. If someone’s job was jeopardised due to all kinds of problems, the person could continue to do their job or start a new one thanks to the internet. Many chose to become an online tutor, being more comfortable and close at hand. 

But it begs the question - How to become an online tutor in 2021? How hard is it? What does it involve? What do you need? All these questions come to mind when you find yourself hitting the road. 

So, let's clarify step by step what’s what and how you can become an online tutor. 

Step 1: Take your time 

Every start-up needs a plan if you want it done right. First of all, write down the pros and cons. You must know from the start what you’re getting into. Need to be aware of the fact that you invest your time to earn money. It may be difficult because you have to prepare in advance before you start teaching. Even if you want to teach your mother tongue, you’ll need a working method. Answering these questions before you start, might be helpful for you: 

Which is the most effective teaching method for you? 

Some may approach a teacher-centred method based on direct instructions. Others may prefer a student-centred approach and the role of the teacher be one of facilitating and delegating. It all depends on your personality as well as how well versed you’re in giving instructions or guiding others.

What learning style do you want to approach?

You may choose one of these approaches: visual, auditory, kinaesthetic, reading/writing or you may integrate more than one. It is your choice. 

How are you going to test your students’ language level? 

A well-prepared tutor knows their students’ proficiency. You have to be always ready to evaluate them in a proper way. Try to be as effective as possible and search for innovative methods of assessment. 

Last but not least, take heart! Jot down any queries that you may have and find suitable answers and solutions. Don’t be discouraged if you feel overwhelmed. You will see that becoming an online tutor it’s not as hard or complicated as it seems. You just have to take things into your own hands and try to solve them step-by-step.

Step 2: Pick a target

It is quite important to know your audience. What level of language do you want to teach? It is a huge difference tutoring a child or an adult. Depending on that you gather the tools you will need to provide your services. If you are going to work with kids, they may be more visually stimulated. Moreover, try to establish from the start if you are going to lead a group class session or a one-on-one class. If you don’t have any experience, it will be a whole lot easier to teach just one student at a time. After you go over the ins and outs of teaching you can slowly start to form student groups. Thereby, you’ll be able to save time and earn more. Just be patient!

Step 3: Spend time wisely 

Your time is valuable, but also that of your students. Time management is as substantial for tutors as it is for students. Thus, don’t go overtime and manage it productively. We live in age of acceleration and nothing can be worse than feeling that you wasted time. Bear in mind that you will work around students’ schedules, which sometimes means tutoring later or on weekends. So, be organised! You are your own boss. Hence, respect your timetable and don’t forget that being inefficient costs you. Try to always stay on task because it assures your student the idea that they covered everything they wanted to accomplish during the session. Finally yet importantly, start your online classes on the dot. Punctuality shows professional competence and that gets you respect. 

Step 4: Sign Up for An Online Tutoring Platform

Now you’re at the point where you have to choose the right platform for teaching lessons online. It can be a bit tricky because there are a plethora of offers. Preply for example, it’s an online tutoring platform where you can easily sign up. You will have to fill in a couple of fields such as your name, country, subject taught, languages spoken etc. Moreover, you will upload a photo and a short video introduction. It’s the first impression - look out! Then you have to write about yourself. 

TIP: Use positive words to describe yourself and highlight your relevant qualifications. Be honest, but also be proud of your career goals. If you don’t have any yet, underline your professional strengths that make you a more attractive tutor. Last but not least, you’ll need to set up your availability. 

Step 5: Be Committed 

Be mindful of the fact that an effective way of teaching means commitment. You will surely reap the benefits of your work. Furthermore, you will be surprised to see that the students will appreciate not only your work, but also you as a person. Your tutor's prestige will bring you perks for which you are going to be grateful. A good name earned by honourable behaviour and personal integrity will always be appreciated and compensated. 

Wrap up

Online tutoring is undoubtedly challenging. In fact you step out of your comfort zone and now you’re in the place of giving others when you’ve learnt. Always try to offer your students a quality and enjoyable time in their learning process.

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