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Lesson 2 Quiz Answers

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1 – Which Of The Following Is MOST Impactful To Effectively Tell Your Business’ Story?

A) An interesting history

(B) A mission with supporting values

C) Knowing what your business is best at

D) A and B

2 – According To Simon Sinek, People Most Care About ____________.

A) what your business does

B) how your business does it

(C) why your business does it

D) where your business does it

3 – Which Of The Following Is NOT Needed To Create An Effective Story That Resonates With Your Audience?

A) Use content to create emotional appeal.

B) Be consistent and authentic.

(C) Use charts and graphs to prove your results.

D) Keep the story clear and concise.

Lesson 3 Quiz Answers

1 – Fill In The Blank: A Content Creation Framework Should Be ____________.

A) Repeatable

B) Organized

C) Agile

(D) All of the above

2 – Why Is A Naming System Useful In Content Creation?

A) It’s a fast way to create content.

B) It’s an efficient way to review content.

(C) It’s an easy way to organize content.

D) It’s an effective way to promote content.

3 – True Or False? Have Your Content Reviewers Make Edits Directly To Your Content As Opposed To Tracking Changes Because It Makes The Editing Process Quicker And More Efficient.

A) True

(B) False

Lesson 4 Quiz Answers

1 – What Does SMART Stand For In SMART Goal?

A) Source, Measurable, Attractive, Relevant and Timely.

(B) Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

C) Sustainable, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

D) Source, Medium, Attainable, Relevant and Timely.

2 – True Or False? If You Take The Time To Do A Comprehensive Content Audit, There’s No Need To Perform An Event-Based Audit.

A) True

(B) False

3 – Fill In The Blank: Before You Can Identify The Buyer’s Journey, You Need To First Know Your ___________.

A) bandwidth to create content

B) average sales lifecycle

(C) buyer personas

D) team’s resources

Lesson 5 Quiz Answers

1 – True Or False? Effective Content Marketers Consume Content From A Wide Variety Of Places As Opposed To Sticking To Content Specific To Their Industry.

(A) True

B) False

2 – Which Of The Following Is A Helpful Way To Generate Ideas For Content Using Google’s Search Engine Results Page?

A) Autocomplete functionalty

B) “Related searches” section

C) “People also search for” box

D) B and C

(E) All of the above

3 – Which Of The Following Is An Example Of A Helpful Platform Where You Can See Which Content Has The Best Social Media Performance?

A) TweetCheck

(B) BuzzSumo

C) Creative Commons

D) Wikimedia

Lesson 6 Quiz Answers

1 – True Or False? You Should Bold All Variations Of The Keyword You’re Trying To Rank For On Your Blog Post, As This Helps The Reader Understand What’s Most Important On The Page.

A) True

(B) False

2 – What Is Whitespace?

(A) The empty space on the page

B) The area just after the featured image and the introduction

C) The space on the page with text on it

D) The space on the page with images on it

3 – What Is The Head Term In The Title “Official Guide To Creating A Mobile Marketing Strategy In 2019”?

A) Strategy in 2019

B) Official guide

(C) Mobile marketing

D) Mobile marketing strategy in 2019

4 – You Read Through A Blog Post From A Co-Worker That’s About Two Different Topics. Is This Good Or Bad?

A) Good – the more topics that one post can cover, the better for SEO.

(B) Bad – pick just one topic per post to make it clear for readers and search engines.

5 – Which Of The Following Are Areas To Include CTAs On A Blog Post?

A) At the top

B) At the bottom

C) Next to relevant content on the page

D) A and B

(E) All of the above

6 – When Do Effective Writers Write The Introduction And Conclusion For Their Blog Posts?

A) They write both the introduction and conclusion before they write the piece.

(B) They write both the introduction and conclusion after they’ve written the piece.

C) They write both the introduction and conclusion while they’re writing the piece.

D) They write the introduction before they write the piece and the conclusion after they’ve written the piece.

7 – Fill In The Blank: The Following Sentence Is An Example Of ________ Voice. “Your Father Did The Grocery Shopping.”

(A) active

B) passive

C) reactive

D) subtle

8 – How Can You Make Your Writing More Conversational?

A) Make sure your copy is less than 500 characters.

B) Use industry words as much as you can.

(C) Use contractions.

D) Use fluffy words.

Lesson 8 Quiz Answers

1 – True Or False? To Get The Most Value Out Of Your Content, Republish It Immediately.

A) True

(B) False

2 – Which Content Should You Republish?

A) All of your content

B) Half of your monthly content

(C) Your top-performing content

D) Your event-based content

3 – If You’re Going To Repurpose Content From The Ground Up, Then You First Need To Determine Your _____________.

(A) Topic

B) Budget

C) Word count

D) Timeline

Lesson 9 Quiz Answers

1 – At A Minimum, To Create An Effective Topic Cluster, You Need To Link _____________.

(A) all relevant subtopics to your pillar page

B) your pillar page to all relevant subtopics

C) your pillar page to all relevant subtopics, and link all relevant subtopics to your pillar page

D) all relevant subtopics to corresponding product or service pillar pages

2 – Fill In The Blank: When Creating Content You Should ______________.

A) keep your audience front of mind

B) keep search engines front of mind

C) never create content on other websites because you’re missing a chance to feature it on your website

(D) A and B

E) All of the above

3 – What’s An Example Of A Specific Topic?

A) Content Marketing

(B) Marketing automation strategies

C) Paid media

D) A and B

Lesson 10 Quiz Answers

1 – How Can You Best Lead Your Audience Through Their Buyer’s Journey?

A) Include your brand logo

(B) Include a call-to-action

C) Include bumper slides

D) Tell them your name

2 – True Or False? Including A Video At The Top Of A Website Page Increases Bounce Rate.

A) True

(B) False

3 – All Of The Following Are Examples Of Video In The Delight Stage Of The Inbound Methodology EXCEPT:

(A) Landing page promotional videos.

B) A thank you video included in an email after purchasing a product or service.

C) An onboarding video to get set up for the success.

D) All of the above.

4 – All Of The Following Are Examples Of Videos In The Engage Stage Of The Inbound Methodology EXCEPT:

A) Product demons sent via email

(B) An onboarding video

C) Landing page promotional videos

D) All of the above

5 – All Of The Following Are Examples Of Videos In The Attract Stage Of The Inbound Methodology EXCEPT:

A) Educational how-to videos that provide relevant tips.

B) Thought leadership videos that establish you as an industry resource.

(C) Product demos sent via email.

D) All of the above

Lesson 11 Quiz Answers

1 – All Of The Following Are True About Inbound Links EXCEPT:

A) Inbound links help increase your domain authority

B) Inbound links send referral traffic from one site to another

(C) Inbound links don’t help your search engine optimization

D) All of the above

2 – When It Comes To Guest Authoring On Websites, Which Domain Authority Tier Should You Strive To Write For?

A) 0-20

(B) 21-70

C) 71-90

D) 91+

3 – True Or False? The More Relevant Your Website Is To The Site You Want To Write For, The Better From An SEO Perspective.

(A) True

B) False

4 – Which Social Channel Makes The Most Sense When Researching About Contacts And Their Role At A Company?

A) Facebook

B) Twitter

(C) LinkedIn

D) Snapchat

5 – All Of The Following Are Things To Do In A Guest Blog Outreach Email EXCEPT:

(A) Give them at least five guest blog ideas to choose from. The more, the better.

B) Link the guest blog guidelines in the email.

C) Link to a relevant piece of content as validation

D) Be clear about your intention to write a guest blog post on their website.

6 – What Should You Include In Your Guest Author Bio?

A) An inbound link back to your website

B) Something interesting about yourself

C) A validation point

D) A and B

(E) All of the above

Lesson 12 Quiz Answers

1 – Which Of The Following Can Help You Optimize Your Organic Promotion On Social Media?

(A) Write custom messaging for each post

B) Share all of your content on every social media network

C) Post only at the same time every day

D) Promote types of content that historically have not performed well.

2 – Which Of The Following Can You Do With Paid Advertising?

A) Drive organic traffic to your content

B) Improve your email open rate

C) Repurpose your content

(D) Remarket to previous website visitors.

3 – True Or False? Experimenting With New Promotional Channels Can Help You Improve And Scale Your Content Promotion.

(A) True

B) False

Lesson 13 Quiz Answers

1 – True Or False? You Should Only Use Industry Benchmarks To Set SMART Goals.

A) True

(B) False

2 – Fill In The Blank: In The _____________ Attribution Model, The First Touch Point Receives Less Credit And The Last Touchpoint Receives The Most Credit.

A) last touch

(B) decay

C) first touch

D) linear

3 – Fill In The Blank: Setting A __________ Goal And A __________ Goal Will Help You Set Expectations When Communicating Content Performance.

A) Happy; sad

B) New; old

(C) Realistic; stretch

D) Ambitious; difficult

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