What Are All The GCSE Subjects (GCSE Options)

When you take up GCSE, you have to decide which subject you need to choose. This qualification will help you to decide which A-level you must take up and help you to get into the university you want to go to. 

There is a total of 60 different GCSE subjects that are available and out of them, each school offers 20 subjects to their students. The most common subjects that you will have to take are maths, English, science, etc. Let us find out how many total GCSE subjects are there that you can take.

How many total GCSEs are there that you can take up?

Generally, there is a total of 60 subjects that you can take during the GCSEs. Though you must remember that every school has its own choice and they will offer you only 20 subjects out of 60. The most common subjects that you must have heard about are maths and science. However, the following table shows you a variety of other subjects that are gently offered during your GCSEs-

Compulsory Subjects
Science (double or triple)
Foundational Subjects
Physical Education
Modern Language
Technical Subjects
Food Technology
Computer Science
Arts Subjects
Film Studies

How many GCSEs do you take?

As you know about various commonly offered subjects for GCSEs, it is time to find out how many GCSEs you generally need to take up. Usually, you are required to take up 9 GCSEs at a single time. However, depending upon the school you may need to take more than 9 GCSEs. Many schools also allow their students to take up 16 GCSEs. Though you must also remember that there are some compulsory subjects that you need to take up during GCSE. Let us find out which are the compulsory subjects that you need to take at GCSE.

What are the compulsory subjects that you need to take up at GCSE?

Following are the compulsory subjects that you will need to take up during the GCSE-


It is one of the compulsory subjects that you need to take during your GCSEs. This subject is compulsory because it is considered by many universities and most employers will look at this while selecting their candidates. If you fail this subject, you may have to resit for it till you get a passing grade.

English language

This subject shows your ability to communicate in the English language. Just like maths, it is compulsory to pass this subject otherwise you may have to reset for this subject. 


 It is important to take either double science or triple science during your GCSE. Though unlike maths and English you don’t have to get past grades in the subject.


It comes under language GCSE and is only compulsory for you if you are living in wales. This is a compulsory subject because it is the official language of Wales after English.

Though these 4 subjects are compulsory to study, it is important to remember that different schools have their own necessary subjects to take up during GCSEs. 

What are the best GCSE options to take?

Once you have chosen the mandatory subjects, you will still have to choose other GCSE subjects. Thus following are the top 5 GCSEs that you can take along with compulsory GCSEs-

Modern foreign languages

This is one such subject that is kept mandatory by many different schools. Taking of modern foreign language will help you to make your CV look good and will increase your chance of getting into the University.


This is a humanity subject and it helps you to remember various important dates and those that were held in past. This is the perfect choice for you if you are good at writing and handle the pressure of writing long essays for the exam.


This is a game for human being subject in which you will be getting a tape understanding of geographical areas. Intercept you get to study physics as well as human geography. It will help you to study about urban, cultural and economical aspects of the whole world. 


If you have a good creativity level and our good and doing art and craft then taking up art at GCSE may be a good choice. In this subject, you will have to make a portfolio of all the designs that you have produced during your coursework.


If you would create and love to perform music then this subject is for you. You will have to study various instruments and techniques of music. This subject will help you to know the technical aspects of the music industry and help you to know how to perform on the stage.


GCSEs are the qualifications that help you in taking up A-levels and are also important while getting admission to the university. Thus it is important to know what are the different GCSEs subjects that you can take. There are various GCSE subjects like arts, humanities, maths, English, etc. You need to take up 9 GCSEs, in which you will need to take maths, English and science as compulsory subjects. However, if you live in wales, you may have to choose the welsh language as a compulsory subject. 

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