7 Tips to Make Garage Door Last Longer

7 Tips to Make Garage Door Last Longer

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Keeping your dream car inside a decent garage is not the end of all your responsibilities. You also need to consider the same kind of upkeep for your garage, and most importantly, the garage door. It deserves the same kind of maintenance, just as your dream car to last longer.  By now, you have already noticed those panels attached to your garage door. And if one of these panels gets damaged, an expensive replacement is the only option left. Yes, you can also think of repairing it. But forget all the damages and repairings when you get a handful of some decent garage door maintenance tips here. We've got you covered with the seven time-saving tweaks on how to make your garage door last longer.

Regularly Tighten the Hardware

Any moving object's hardware will loosen over a while. Now take the example of your garage door! When you notice it getting loose, the panels will shake. Other components in the door would rattle, and most importantly, the door would wear out faster than expected. Another pesky thing that you would have to tolerate is those rattling noises. So, it makes sense to take out some time from your daily routine to tighten the hardware. Tighten the nuts, springs, screws, or other parts regularly.

Check the Rollers

Inspecting the rollers is the third tip that keeps your garage door durable for a longer timeframe. The rollers make the door function seamlessly. When they get damaged, they don't open properly. The forceful friction causes further damage. Irrespective of whether the rollers are of steel or nylon, professional inspection will keep them functional. Call a professional to inspect them twice every year. If the expert finds them chipped, cracked, or worn out, they would require a replacement. Even decent maintenance cannot increase their longevity over seven years.

Lubricate Hardware

Your garage door is a moving object, and thus the parts should be properly oiled. It prevents them from rubbing against each other and causing friction. When these parts forcefully rub against each other, they tend to wear down fas

ter and break. Again, it will create annoying noises. Parts like springs need the oil-based lubricant, while others require a silicone-based lubricant such as PVC framing. You can lubricate the parts once each year. 

Inspect the Cables

Hardware, high-tension cables, and springs hold the garage door properly and ensure that it moves seamlessly. When any parts loosen, tighten, or are unbalanced, it causes forceful friction. It is best recommended not to repair the cables by a DIY method. It might end up injuring the concerned person. You can inspect them and check whether they have broken cables or any other damages. If damages occur, it's safe to call a professional to your rescue.

Examine the Door Balance

When the door's hardware becomes loose, the springs rust or components also get broken. As a result, the door shifts slightly, and imbalance occurs. An uneven garage door forces the opener to work harder, thereby reducing its lifespan. Other components may get damaged as a result of the door's unbalance.  To see whether the door is out of balance, disengage the door opener by pulling the release handle. Then, manually push the door halfway up on those tracks. The door must remain in its current position. If it does not, the springs are not in proper balance. To adjust the springs to the door, contact a garage repair professional.

Examine the Auto-Reverse Functions

The new garage doors bring a safety function that can detect obstructions in the door's path and open it when things are detected. If the process regularly fails, the garage door may crash the car, children, and pets. Periodically testing the functionality will keep you safe. For this reason, close the door by placing a block or anything insignificant in the way. The door must make contact with the brick. Whether the door includes object detection beams, you need to wave the foot in front of beams just as the door closes to check whether it opens again or not. If it fails, a professional will be at your rescue.

Replace the Old Weather Stripping

The weatherstripping below the garage door might start decaying. If it happens, it leaves the garage open to further damages and fails at keeping the place insulated. Snow and rain inside the garage create dangerous situations. Have you noticed puddles in the garage? Or did you see rusts around the door or drafts coming under it? These signs indicate that your weatherstripping requires professional attention.  Installing new weatherstripping is a straightforward affair. Just ensure that you have the right products. Consider doubly checking the stripping that claims that it fits any door. When in doubt, consult an expert.

Summing Up

Keeping your garage door functioning is ideal for your and your family's safety. It also allows maintenance to remain the only key for garage doors to function properly. That's the reason why your garage parts should remain lubricated and maintained. A seasoned professional can do the job if you think you cannot commit to garage door maintenance due to the hectic schedule. Ensure that you follow these steps when you decide to hire a competent expert.

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